Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's here! - Our first PDF Pattern: The One Seam Sundress

It's finally done. Our first PDF pattern, The One Seam Sundress. 
This dress is amazing! It is flattering on most every woman’s figure. It’s the Maxi of all Maxi’s:
Introducing The One Seam Sundress* from Metropolitan Frock & Marian Collier Collections (

Print it; Cut it; Sew it; Wear it - within 2 hours!
We are excited to bring to you our most popular sundress in a PDF pattern. You’ll love the versatility of the dress and the fact that it works with many fabric types and prints. It has no zippers, buttons or hooks, so it‘s super easy to make. Print your pattern and make as many as you like. Size XS-XL are included. 

Buy it now at Metropolitan Frock or Marian Collier Collections

Stay tuned...there's more to see!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zibbet?....Si ? or No?

Ok, I've been watching this new site for handmade goods on Twitter called Zibbet.  It's a little more advanced than Etsy (the site I'm using now) and the low monthly fee beats Etsy's per listing fee plus % of sale costs any day.
I've been followed by them for a few weeks now on Twitter and today I finally decided to take the plunge and give their site a test run.

I'm still working on all the shop details, but you can take a peak. 

I think I'll test market some patterns there as well as some Spring/Summer clothing.

Stay tuned...there's more to see.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion Explosion

Exhausted! That's how I feel after the busy weekend I've had, but oh was it worth it. 

I showcased my garments in the Natural Hair & Fashion Explosion Show on Saturday, April 10th. It was amazing.  It was a little chaotic in the beginning but turned out great once the "lights,camera action" was on. Overall I had a great experience. It pays to be organized and focused and I really appreciated the model's professionalism too. It made things much easier. 

I only have a few sneak peak pics I took myself when I had time, but as soon as I can get runway shots I'll post them. 

Stay tuned...there's more to see.
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