Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

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The number10 represents new beginnings. If 2009 wasn't what you expected, leave it behind and make a fresh start.  


For the entrepreneurs here's a great tip to help you get your biz in gear.

Essence Brand Me Minute:  Turn Your Passion into Profit

by Melissa Dawn Johnson

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Robe Project

Good morning.  Since yesterday, I've been working on a robe for a friend who's a Pastor.  She came up with the design and of course I accomplished the execution.
The fabric is black faux suede with bronze organza fabric detailed with embroidered circles.  The pic really doesn't do it justice.  I had to take it with my cell phone camera because I still cannot find my camera battery charger. :(
Anyway, I have a few touches to add, like buttons and hooks, but it'll be complete this morning.  
I'll post a better pic later when I can find that charger. Uggggh!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Georgia History photo shoot: Part 1

I'm a excited and a little nervous. I've partnered with Nai to create three looks for a photo shoot based on Georgia's history.  I've decided to go with three looks from Gone With the Wind, the black Mourning dress, the Red Velvet dress, and a White Ruffle dress. 
The problem is...I have to have them ready by January 1st! 

This promises to be an interesting ride.  
I'll get the fabrics tomorrow..stay tuned.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Photo Shoots

The excitement continues....On November 15th I had my first photo-shoot with a new photographer Nai and his friend John.  We were located in Downtown Duluth in the square, which was just gorgeous.  Just picture an old timey but modernized city hall and community buildings, encircling a in-ground water fountain much like the one at  Centennial Park. That shoot was great, and fast. 
Fast forward to today. I just completed a fitting for a new model Rachel who has an edgy look with fiery pink hair.  I was taken back at first, but I can work with her cause....well she fit the clothes. lol
Here's the dilemma;The photo-shoot is Saturday and the weather report calls for freezing rain, possibly snow.
Just lovely.  We'll probably end up somewhere in Kennesaw.  Did I really sign up for this?
I'll let you all know how this one turns out and maybe I'll post a pic or two when we're done.
Stay tuned.....
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