Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been Blogged!

Happy first day of spring everyone!!

Metropolitan Frock was mentioned in the blog, SK Fashion talk.  I'm always happy when someone likes what I do.  The blogger gave me a very nice review plus, she included links to my flickr and etsy websites. Best advertising in the world. I was equally happy for my friend Aarica, who is the model in the photo posted on the blog.  She's also featured in my first blog post back in November 2009.  The photo looks fierce if I should say so myself.  Aarica can really work the camera.

FYI - This photo was taken at my first ever photo shoot (details on 11/04/09 post).  I'm glad the photo turned out somewhat decent.

I just wanted to share this bit of joy with you.  Enjoy!

Stay tuned...there's more to see..


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