Friday, February 26, 2010

Study, Study, Study....

I'm excited about learning something new!!  I got two books I ordered online in the mail today. 1)  Make Your Own Patterns by Rene Bergh (I have the 2006 edition) and 2) Jacket, Coats and Suits from Threads (1992).  You may already know that I purchased the pattern making book by Don McCunn just last month.  I think it's wise to gather all the knowledge about pattern making I can because I want to be skilled in various techniques.  Besides, the Bergh book offers better illustration and examples plus 1/4 scale patterns in the back of the book for practice.  That's all I've gathered so far, but as I study, I'll let you know if there's anything interesting worth mentioning.   

As for the Threads book, I wanted to improve my tailoring skills with jackets and it fit the bill plus it was cheap too. 

Right now I'm working on an a-line sundress pattern, getting it ready for fitting. It was simple to do and will be my first pattern for sale on line.  I'll have pics for you by mid March and It will be available then too.  

Stay tuned, there's more to see...


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