Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Sweater Dress

Last night… hem…I mean this morning, I completed a sweater dress for my co-work who is wearing it on her Valentine’s Day date with her husband this weekend. I created the pattern for it myself and it took three hours to put it all together. Yay!! Of course I made a sample top for her fitting to work out widening the neckline a little, and I finally fixed what was wrong in the pattern and voila!

Its terrible photographing black, but the photos below give you a pretty good idea of how it looked.

Here is the pattern laid out over the fabric. Here’s a tip: artists tracing paper is just transparent enough and sturdy enough to use as a pattern. I found 20” wide paper at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but I’m on the hunt for a 30” or 36” roll so that I won’t have to tape it together for larger pattern pieces.

Here’s the dress just before I did the hems. I made a 1 ½ “hem on the sleeves and decided to do a narrow hem on the bottom because the fabric was thick.
Here’s the front and back views of the dress finished. My co-worker was very pleased with the result. She hates to show her shape because she’s busty, but I convinced her that the A-line style would give her definition without being too clingy. Success!

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