Friday, January 1, 2010

Aha! Patternmaking!

Good morning and Happy New Year! I'm continuing the journey of self discovery with being a clothing designer.

As I was browsing my usual sites this morning I peeped in on Burdastyle and had an epiphany moment. Here's what I found: The Pistachio Green Dress by Colette Patterns Shop so creatively put together by Burdastyle member, elegantmusings.  The dress has very nice elements of the classic looks that I love.  Elegantmusings  put it best, "it’s the right balance of lady-like charm and classic style".

Well.....I then checked out the pattern shop and there I saw a lovely collection of vintage inspired patterns.  Right up my alley right?
Here's the epiphany, I like to dabble in morphing patterns to create my own looks and they have been well received by my clients and friends.  Also, I've collaborated on a summer dress pattern with my friend Marian of MC Collections and it was a hit at this past spring's Inman Park Festival.  I think it's time to put it into production and explore the pattern making process again.  I will need help of course, because I've never taken a pattern making class, but I think that I can handle creating a sample look and have someone else do the actual pattern drafting.

I can't wait to get started on this. I have so many Ideas to try. 
Stay tuned, there's more to see!

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